The website for Dr Martin Shaw OBE FRCM (1875 –1958)

"A remarkable man who is insufficently recognized these days"

Sir Michael Holroyd

Martin Shaw sits in a deck-chair reads a newspaper


Martin Shaw

A composer of several hundred works, Martin Shaw was a leading pioneer in the renaissance of English music during the early part of the 20th Century. This work laid the foundation for the world-wide success of English and American music we know today.

Shaw's most notable work is The Redeemer, an Oratorio for Lent. 2015 is the 70th year since its publication. For background information click on the link below:

Listen to song clips from The Airmen

played by Iain Burnside

  • Remembering WW1: VENIZEL sung by Roderick Williams
  • Shaw's song Venizel remembers the start of World War 1 at the Battle of the Aisne. The battle ended in a stalemate after a terrible loss of life, resulting in the start of trench warfare. The song is named after a rural village on the banks of the river Aisne, and is taken from a poem written by WA Short, a serving officer. It looks back at the time before the battle had started, when soldiers were camping peacefully in the woods prior to the advance which cost so many lives.